Fruit juice

White grape juice fizzy and alcohol-free

Natural Italian

The production process is essential and “simple”, always based on white (Trebbiano or Malvasia) grapes only. After crushing, all subsequent steps in producing the must - including soft pressing - are carried out at a low, controlled temperature (0°C) to prevent alcoholic fermentation.

The same grapes and the same musts undergo natural fermentation with the Charmat method, which produces carbon dioxide. This substance is in turn added to the alcohol-free juice to produce the mousse.

Good and versatile to useread all

With its characteristic flavor, this product can be enjoyed at various times of the day and night, and is suited for both adults and children because it’s completely alcohol-free. Excellent as a thirst quencher when served cool from the fridge, it’s also great as a refreshing party beverage with desserts or birthday cakes, and can even be used professionally to prepare low-alcohol or alcohol-free aperitifs, or as the basic ingredient in a wide range of cocktails or modified drinks...

The ingredientsread all

Only grape must without added sugars, preservatives, coloring agents or other additives (not even water, which is the basic ingredient in all carbonated and non-carbonated beverages).

No chemicalsread all

As mentioned above, the original raw material is completely natural, as are the production processes; the only physical technology is “cold”. In essence, our “sparkling grape juice” is non-alcoholic not because it has been chemically treated to remove the alcohol, but simply because it never had any alcohol in the first place.

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